upgrading from 0.5.4 to 0.6.0


The following files have been moved:

  • Assettrait moved from Traits folder to root
  • Assetuploader moved to Application folder

Since the asset model has changed location the entity types in the database need to be changed as well. A migration has been prepared for this.

php artisan migrate

Api changes

Assettrait is now only responsible for fetching the images. To add, remove, replace or sort assets you should use the following commands:

  • AddAsset
  • DeleteAsset
  • ReplaceAsset
  • SortAsset

Implementation changes

Since Assettrait is now only responsible for fetching there are some changes to how you would get an asset.

Assettrait now provides 2 functions for fetching assets:

//single asset
$model->asset('type', 'locale');

//multiple assets
$model->assets('type', 'locale');

These functions will return an Asset or a collection of assets.

Fetching filename or url is now done on the asset itself

$model->asset('banner', 'locale')->filename('size');
$model->asset('banner', 'locale')->url('size');
Last Updated: 11/19/2019, 11:44:05 AM