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The guidelines Think Tomorrow follows for project development


The documentation for the packages built by Think Tomorrow


The workflow Think Tomorrow uses inhouse.


Laravel package

Chief does not interfere with the site logic which allows you to be in full control. It can be added to your laravel project as a package during development.

Application config

With Chief there is no configuration held in database. Instead the project repository contains reference to all settings and thus kept in sync in your version control.

Modular pages

Chief provides an optional pagebuilder. This allows customers to build pages in a easy to understand modular fashion.

Why our own cms package?

Chief is a package based cms built on top of the laravel framework. Chief is solely the back-end(admin panel). You will need to create the front-end yourself. To install chief we need to install it into another project. This can be either an existing one or a fresh Laravel 5.6+ project.